Chopping Block NYC 41 John St New York NY

Chopping Block New York 10038 Salad

There are many options in the financial district, NYC. It is a hustle and bustle neighborhood, where millions come each day for work, to visit, and to go home. So it’s no surprise to us that there is plenty of food options here among government and office buildings, hotels, and other city attractions. Because of the fast paced environment here, most food is grab and go, and you don’t get many options for something of high quality. So what do you’re looking for food near 10038?

Chopping Block on John Street is one of these upcoming restaurants that has brought along with them quality and fresh food. They offer options between salads and sandwiches. No, the salads are not pre-made and put into the refrigerator in a clear plastic container. The salads are cut, assembled, and made fresh to order. In addition to that, they don’t just offer plain old boring salads like Caesar’s or grilled chicken salad. They offer unique recipes, several of which include slow oven roasted meats like roast beef or brisket. Their chicken salad is called the Fuego. As the name suggests, it’s a spicy chicken salad. The salad includes jalapenos, avocados, tomatoes, spicy herb grilled chicken, all over a bed of fresh greens. The dressing they use for that is their own version of the spicy chipotle mayo. I would say that they arguably have the best salad in NYC.

Now, for the sandwiches… They also offer slow roast meats of course, between hot pressed focaccia bread. All sauces are made in house and have a special recipe of their own, giving the sandwiches layers of flavors from the bread all the way down to the center. These are not your typical cold cuts, or any sandwich from Subway. These are hand crafted, artistically crafted sandwiches for the taste buds.

On top of having amazing food, they also carry a La Marzocco espresso machine. This is one of those big bulky machines that you see in coffee shops. They generally do not have one in restaurants, unless they’re very serious about their coffee game. Well, Chopping Block has one of these so they do pull real espresso shots from freshly ground beans. They are in the hunt for best coffee in NYC as well.

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